Welcome to KoLabs.

We are an Orlando, Florida based group of local creatives that have formed a community studio and we all have “Creative Chemistry” as we like to call it. Put simply, we are a co-op of artists with a unified online presence including storefronts focusing on collaborative, new and extremely fresh artworks and designs created by teams or just individuals within our studio.


The founders of KoLabs are Orlando artists J.P. Perez and Barrett Biggers.

The main reason we started KoLabs was because there is so much damn talent and skill in the Orlando art community that needs a defined “home” to collaborate, inspire and create new and awesome pieces of work. These artists are some of the best, smartest and most interesting people in the world – so honestly it’s just great to hangout with us over a cold brew and talk art. That being said the potential is huge within this community and through KoLabs we can foster creative awesomeness!

We meet up regularly here in Orlando at various locations (mainly local small businesses, workshops and bars/breweries) and discuss projects that we would like to tackle – we love to make new, original art utilizing all media including traditional painting and illustration, crafting, wood-working and all the digital art you can imagine. Much of our focus is on making unique parody pop-culture geekery inspired pieces or “Geek Art”. Going way beyond just standard fan-art, our truly unique geek art mixes a passionate love for all things geeky and has a wide variety of styles. We find that going between original art and geek art is an awesome balance to keep the creative juices pumping.

During our meetings and online we discuss cool new ideas that would make unique pieces. Who maybe wants to team up to tackle projects based on desire, availability and styles? Then we just sit back and wait for a great new piece to evolve. During the creation process WE ALL can contribute to the work in progress with critiques, ideas and recommendations to help it get even stronger. This is key to making the very best art. We also are VERY open to taking on commissions within the group as well from outside clients.


Our goal is to create the highest quality art and have tons of fun doing it as a studio because the more the merrier and the quality of art only improves with multiple artisans involved.


As a means of offering our studio’s artwork to the public and to help support the artists themselves we plan to have multiple online storefronts and products. At our core is our studio’s Etsy print shop. Etsy is an online marketplace for selling indie hand-made products direct to a customer. You can help support our artists by buying their work as premium quality fine art prints in various sizes and media. Our store can be found here: KoLabs on Etsy

Thank you for supporting us local Orlando artists!