Seeing things differently is what Joel Loeper is all about. Breaking through the barriers of the “typical” and “mundane”, Joel has reached out to people through his unique and very original art. It was not until later in his life that he really began focusing on paintings and sculpture. After serving in the US Navy for several years, Joel graduated from the University of South Florida in 1988 with a fine arts degree. Working several jobs and painting on the side, Joel slowly built up a large portfolio of very diverse works.

Joel was born and raised in Schuykill Haven, Pennsylvania, a small town nested between Amish and coal mining areas. Joel attributes much of his talent and inspiration from his mother, Elsie Warner – an accomplished fine artist herself. Elsie is a renoun artist who paints wildlife and landscapes in extraordinary detail.

Not only his art, but also his heart is inspired by wildlife and nature. Joel is a “silent animal activist”, or so he says about himself, and chooses to use his work to inspire concern and respect for the wildlife creatures he emulates. When he is not creating art, he is looking for inspiration outdoors. Joel enjoys kayaking up rivers and streams in south Florida and snorkeling in the waters. He encounters all types of wildlife along the way – birds, fish, frogs, turtles, you name it!

Joel currently is teaching oil painting and pottery at the Fort Myers Recreational Department at the Riverside Community Center. He welcomes any skill level to come join him for only $20 the first night and $10 each night afterwards. We will see a lot more great work from Joel in the future. His new frog sculptures are selling very well. He is focusing more on glazing techniques using many colors. Please check out some of the articles on the left. Click here to read PDFs of several newspaper articles about Joel featured in several southwest Florida newspapers.