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Fine Art Prints Information and Shipping Notes

SIZES: (fits standard USA frame sizes)

16″x20″ with 2″ white border for easy framing/matting
( Image size is actually 12″x16″ )

22″ x 28″ with 2″ white border for easy framing/matting
( Image size is actually 18”x24” )

24″ x 36″ with 2″ white border for easy framing/matting
(Image size is actually 20″x32″) this size requires some cropping or rearrangement of the image, message me for details.
Here’s an example of a framed 24×36 piece:

I can print any size (up to 24″ wide) so please request a custom order if such is the case 🙂 I do not matte or frame my art, instead I leave a white blank “matte” area around the image.

IF YOU DON’T WANT THE WHITE BORDER PLEASE EMAIL ME AHEAD OF TIME! I can accommodate on most paintings except my ornate bordered black & white vintage ones.

Please go to your local art or frame store to get a custom matte if you need one, but honestly the art looks great just in the frame alone! It is way too expensive and risky to send glass frames around the world, trust me, it’s a lot cheaper for you to go buy your own frame locally. I can offer suggestions on framing colors and textures if you need help though.


EPSON Metallic Glossy Premium Photo Paper
(Adds a premium metallic glossy pop to your prints)

EPSON Signature Worthy™ Textured Watercolor Matte
(Make your prints look hand painted!)

Exhibition Signature Worthy™ Canvas White Matte
(On Real Canvas – Sorry, I do NOT offer stretching)

EPSON Archival Enhanced Matte Paper White
(A great fine art looking print – my base media)



Museum-Quality Giclée EPSON HDR UltraChrome™ Archival Ink.
Definitely the most vivid and best quality around.

******* NOTE TO OUTSIDE OF U.S.A. BUYERS *********************

As much as I would love to guarantee that my artwork will get to you right away, I can not, and I have no control of international customs and lost items. I also would like to place a fair warning that in some countries there may be an international customs duty or import charge upon arrival. Please be aware these CUSTOM FEES are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If you have any concerns or questions about this please message me and we can work something out.

I do my best to prevent customs issues but the fact is International shipping is sometimes a risk and is always expensive. Therefore I suggest you message me before purchasing any item to discuss upgraded priority shipping and insurance options. Priority International costs more but you will get it much faster with less risk of loss. Thank You!


This is a signed, museum-quality giclée archival fine art digital print. Either painted, illustrated and/or designed by internationally published Geek Artist, Barrett Biggers. That’s me!

The majority of my art is considered “fan-art” or art inspired by popular characters, themes and places in pop culture. These are my personally inspired artistic representations of other artists and companies original concepts. I do not claim any rights or ownership to the original creations.

Hand-signed by me, the artist, of course! I sign on the white area of the print below the artwork, bottom right corner. Please let me know if you do not wish me to sign the art ahead of time! I prefer not to sign directly on the art it looks less classy.



I get this question a lot since I can not show great photographs to illustrate the differences so here is a decent explanation between the differences and why the pricing.

All the papers next to each other can be viewed here:



The metallic paper is the new EPSON Luster Metallic and adds a more premium and better looking option for your art. This is NOT a printed solid sheet of brushed metal or foil, it is is still a photo paper. It is not a super high gloss but more like a light reflective gloss. The metal is a heavier weight paper with an infused metallic “film” layer on the outside. So I would say the paper resembles a flexible thick film instead of a boring standard photo paper. The film adds a silvery luster to it, that’s why it is actually called “pearlescent” – like a very subtle inner oyster shell. The metal is a more premium option, hence the price increase. The metal paper cost 4x more than the matte to buy to give you a reference 🙂 But beyond the quality difference, I think my art looks really epic and more “classy” on the metal because the metal generally gives the colors and white/lighter areas a real “pop” and luster shine but still keeps the darks/blacks very “recessed” and deep. Since my art has a lot of high contrasts and ornate details it accentuates these and makes it look really striking! I wish I could post better photos with the metal, but every time I take a photo it looks like a standard photo paper…nothing like the real thing. You literally have to hold it in the light and see it to believe it! Personally I’m not into glossy photo prints of fine artwork but when I saw the metallic I changed my thinking. I’d love to only offer metal but I know a lot of people still only like matte and that’s perfectly fine. Also I enjoy offering a variety of prices for you guys!

Example images of metallic paper (sorry camera can’t do it justice)



I now offer a very cool and unique way to show off your art, especially my paintings! EPSON Signature Worthy™ Textured Watercolor Matte is a super high premium fine art media. In fact it is true artist’s watercolor paper, you could paint right on it! So therefore it adds a very awesome textured, hand-painted feel to my art. It costs a lot more to buy than the enhanced matte, about on par with the Metallic paper. That is why I charge the same price for both.

Example images of watercolor paper:


NEW!! CANVAS (only the printed fabric)

Exhibition Signature Worthy™ Canvas White Matte is exactly what it says, my art printed on a real canvas fabric specially made for EPSON printing. It is ready to be stretched on a wooden frame or just framed as is. Unfortunately I do not offer stretching at this time, I can not full fill stretching requests. However you can easily get it stretched at any art store for a relatively low cost. I will leave extra white area for stretching if desired.

Example images of canvas fabric:



Speaking of MATTE, my base paper I print on is one of the best, basic matte papers Epson sells, named EPSON Enhanced Matte. It is a very solid and great fine art media. Flexible but still sturdy. If you want your art to look more like a charcoal or fine-art matte black feel and cost is a major concern, then this is the paper for you.

Example images of matte paper (also the examples on this listing’s photos)




I ship around the world. Prints will ship in a very solid 2”-3” white cardboard mailing tube and are inside of a water-proof plastic sleeve. I only print on the highest quality paper which is very flexible and recovers it’s shape almost immediately and should not show folds, wrinkles, or roll marks after flattening. Just open tube, take out print (leave it in the plastic) and place under heavy books or flat objects overnight. Then frame! A real “Matte” board is not included, but a 1”- 2” white “matte” area is left around the print and looks very clean and modern for framing. You can always go to your local art / framing store to get a custom matte if you like but you don’t have to! 🙂

I would prefer to ship my art flat but many of the flat prints became damaged during shipping so it is much safer to ship in a tube. However if you insist I can ship flat but will need to add extra cost to the postage to send super protected, please message me for more info.

I ship USPS First Class. If you need faster shipping I would please ask you to contact me first before purchasing because I need to adjust the pricing. These are Print – On – Demand, which means when you place your order I will print them here in my studio. If for any reason you need your art expedited (gift, live internationally, etc.) please message me well ahead of time.


Thank you very much for all the support!

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You guys are helping me live my dream of being a real artist for the People, by the People, and…well… let’s just say I’m the Peoples’ Geek Artist.

Barrett Biggers
The Peoples’ Geek Artist

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