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Biggers is Better Style.

Barrett Biggers is the Peoples’ Geek Artist. His work focuses on a genre of art themed and inspired by classic film, games, anime, manga, Eastern culture and comics. Although mixing many different art styles over the years he has given his unique vintage compositions the nomenclature of “Geek Line Artly” It’s a novel idea to incorporate geekdom with vintage/traditional ornate black and white illustration – symmetrical, geometric and simple and yet deeply complex the more you look. It is a hybridization of classical art styles including Art Nouveau, Victorian, Futurism, Art Deco, Americana and even tribal ethnic elements.

As a digital fine artist he also is a prolific digital painter with a purely obsessive drive to make his digital art look more traditional. It has been named, “Tra-Digital” art by many and it focuses on emotion and texture rather than photo-perfect realism.

Barrett Also is rather unique in the geek-artist world because he also manages his own printing studio out of his home and his prints are by far of the most premium quality around. By offering multiple papers including matte, metallic, watercolor and even canvas options along with multiple sizes of his work, Barrett has branched out to offer the typical fan a wide variety of styles and options of outstanding quality.